Contact lens to check blood glucose level

All eyes are on the latest technology from Google ... all new smart contact lens... 
In a classically Google-clever way: Smart co ntact lenses with tiny glucose-tracking technology will monitor wearers’ glucose levels not by measuring the sugar in their blood, but by tracking it in their tears.

The contact lenses will monitor glucose with a tiny sensor once per second, and then transmit the data through a wireless transmitter. According to Otis, the sensor is the smallest ever made, and took years of affixing tiny wires to tiny electronics to produce it.
The electronics in the contacts lie on the periphery, so don’t obstruct the wearer’s vision. To power the lenses, developers designed a method of pulling energy from surrounding radio frequency waves. The company is testing the possibility of adding a tiny LED light to indicate when the wearer’s glucose exceeds a certain level.

Go Google go.....


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