Transfer contacts from Blackberry to your Android smartphone

Last week I decided to move from the old, outdated by secure blackberry device to my cool new smartphone G2. The first thing to do when moving to a new mobile device is transfer/copy/import contacts.

 Interestingly, Even though I'm a programmer by profession, I just couldn't figure out how to transfer contacts from my Blackberry Pearl to G2 - Android smartphone. So I decided to pair both these devices using Bluetooth. After pairing, both my devices were now connected. Pressing the options after selecting G2 device on my Blackberry phone, showed up the lifeline - Transfer contacts. WOW.
Clicked the Transfer contacts options, my G2 poped up a message saying "pcclm wants to send you Phonebook-1.vcf (22.64KB), Accept the file ?" Ofcourse, I can't reject this ...

Accept the file transfer, then on your android device select the file from the Bluetooth downloads folder. Click on the file and done. All your contacts are now saved on new Android smartphone. Simple.

1. From the BlackBerry home screen, click on: Options >> Networks and Connections >> Bluetooth Connections. Turn it on.
2. In "Paired Devices", click on "Add a new device", then click on "Search" and your Android should be detected.
3. Select your Android device and click on Submit to prompt your device.
4. Now on your BlackBerry device goto "Paired devices",  select your Android phone.
5. Press the BlackBerry button (options menu) and select "Transfer contacts"
6. Authorize the Bluetooth access on the Android device and wait for the transfer to be completed.