Free Online Photo Editing by Pixlr

Photo editing softwares are sometimes heavy on your Computer eating up your RAM.Try out Pixlr for some great Photo Editing.
Pixlr is a Free , online , professional photo editor. Requires no registration before using it. Its really powerful with some amazing features like , Wand Tool , color changer , Multiple filters , Red Eye Reduction , Clone Stamp tool . It offers you with three options either create an image or edit an existing image from your local computer storage or open image from a URL (this is cool).

Here's a professional image edited using Pixlr :

One Image an so many Professional looks
Pixlr is High Resolution Photo Editor supporting image resolutions up to 3500 x 3500 pixels.
It also maintains long history of changes made so that you can undo any mistakes made.Supported image formats include JPEG , PNG , BMP and PXD (layered pixlr image).

Pixlr has many cool brushes for editing along with image rotation and image layering.

Here's a screenshot of supported features and tools :

Pixlr also has a list of tools available at the left of the editor :

Tools include :

Crop tool
Move tool
Marquee tool
Lasso tool
Wand tool
Pen , Brush , Eraser , Paint Bucket
Gradient tool
Clone Stamp tool
Color Replace tool
Drawing tool
Smudge tool
Sponge tool
Dodge tool
Burn tool
Red Eye Reduction tool
Bloat tool
Pinch tool
Zoom tool
and many more.......

Full Editor View :

Full Editor View
How to remove dates from digital images using Clone Stamp Tool :

Final Result - the photograph with the date removed
Pixlr - must try for editing images and doing cool stuff with it. Some alternatives to Pixlr are GIMP , and Photoshop. When it comes to online image creation and design and photo editing, Pixlr is among the best, offering users a unique blend of tools and features.

Pixlr also includes basic layer canvas tools and features, allowing users free-hand crop, move, super-impose and interpolate images and rotate and remove entire canvases, all just for for true image editing.


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