TSAM selects a host for resource allocation when its in maintaince mode ?

Typically some hosts from a resource pool can be in maintenance mode. In such situations customers can't wait till these hosts are out from the maintenance mode, neither can they stop new SRs ... However TSAM's bluecloud reservation is not aware that some hosts need to be skipped when trying to fit reservations.

In such cases, SRs will continue to fail for sitting on those hosts. Inorder to indicate to Bluecloud that a particular host must be skipped, set the "ignored-by-resource-broker" property to "true" for that host. This can be set from Maximo UI. Goto -> Service Automation -> Cloud Server Pool Administration. Select the required pool. From the Resource Pool Configuration tab, Goto the Resource Pool. Here you will be able to see the hosts included in this pool. For ever host to be ignored, check the "Is Failed" flag.

Also published at: http://www.cubicrace.com/2014/03/why-tsam-continues-to-select-host-for.html


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