Linux is a serious competitor

Excellent Linux video commercial which clearly shows how good things in the world are rejected , refused and laughed at... until it wins.Last statement of this video is really interesting and worth reading.

The whole idea is Microsoft always wanted to be in the driver's seat and creating its monopoly across the globe in the computer market. However we have some statements made by Bill Gates , Gartner Group and other competitors ,against the ability of Linux to excel in every field of computer.

Gartner clearly ignored the real power of Linux.
"Linux is the HYPE DU JOUR." - Gartner Group [ 1999 ]         

Soon we have another criticism or rather a discouraging  statement ...

"We think of Linux as a competitor in the student and hobbyist market.
But I really don't think in the commercial market we'll see it in any significant way." - Bill Gates [ 2001 ]            

This seemed to be like the current marketing strategy - Make comments which will hide the real ability of a product.Finally Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO accepted with the below comments :

"Linux isn't going away. Linux is a serious competitor. We will rise to this challenge."  - Steve Ballmer [ 2003 ]          


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