Go Green with Minus One

Go Green is the buzz around after cloud computing, but the real concern is can each one of us contribute towards this initiative to save our planet .According to a survey, 5 million hectares of forests are cut down every year just to fulfill our everyday need for paper. A need we fulfill in a very careless, selfish and a wasteful manner.How many times have we thought if we really need the print out of a document ?

Why do we need a bill after we eat something at a hotel ? we can save paper by making use of a small digital screen on every table of the hotel, may be a black n white screen found in old digital diaries can also be used. This will save paper and ink. Another excellent idea from CHEIL India - MinusOneProject is also shown in the below.

Do your bit by reducing the font size by 1 before printing a document. Save paper. Help the forests. Reduce the font-size by one before printing and save our forests.

Finally something techie ,
More Forests = Print( doc(font-size--) ) ;

So how will you spread this message ???  take a mass pledge in your office,Spread Minus One in your school/college/organization, publish an article on Minus One or  JUST SHARE THIS LINK/ARTICLE.

Here's video on the Minus One project :