ISIM Virtual Appliance Black Screen with a Blinking Cursor

While deploying the new IBM Security Identity Manager v7.0 Virtual Appliance, after the first reboot the VM restarts and prompts to press enter, Once you press enter it goes to a black screen and then there is no update except for a blinking cursor .... Don't worry its not a technical problem... Let me explain.

I've tried installing the ISO image on a recommended VM configuration and it worked perfectly fine. Below are the hardware specs:

>= 2x4core CPU,
>=16GB Memory,
>=100 GB disk,
Guest OS type as "Other 2.6.x Linux 64-bit"

Once all the hardware and software prerequisities are correctly set up, bootup your VM with the plugged-in ISO image.
As soon as the VM starts it asks for setting up the language and then it asks for partitioning of the VM's disk.

On proceeding with the above steps, it all gets successfully done and then it asks to unmount the disk/iso and then asks to press enter to restart the VM. Now the vm console's prompt says:
"Press enter to continued...."

When you press enter, you will see a black screen with a blinking cursor ....
Just be patient on this screen, since for the first time this step will take about 30 - 45 mins on a recommended hardware configuration ( or even more for a  lower Hardware configuration ).

Do not reboot the system on the blinking cursor screen else your system may get into an inconsistent state. Once done, the blinking cursor will disappear and you should see the below line on your VM's console :
"unconfigured.appliance login:"

Done ... just being patient helped.