IBM Security Identity Manager Virtual Appliance ... Coming soon

IBM Security Identity Manager enables organizations to drive effective identity management and governance across the enterprise for improved security and compliance. Now available as a virtual appliance, IBM Security Identity Manager automates the creation, modification, recertification and termination of identities throughout the user lifecycle. It features an intuitive, business-friendly user interface to simplify provisioning requests and help managers make intelligent access decisions for their employees. It also includes enhanced reporting and analytic capabilities to monitor user entitlements and activities.

Benefits of using ISIM Virtual Appliance:

  1. Quick and Easy deployment of ISIM, Faster time to value
  2. Saves on hardware costs and helps reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO)
  3. ISIM Components inside the virtual appliance are pre-tuned for best performance...
  4. Minimal middleware skills required for Virtual Appliance administrator.
  5. Reduces manual intervention during deployment, thus preventing any environment specific issues or user errors.
  1. Setting up a cluster is just as simple as setting up another Virtual Appliance (ISIMVA) by selecting a different option from the startup menu. 
  2. With VA, its now easy to manage a ISIM cluster.
  3. Centralized management and monitoring of Virtual Appliance (ISIMVA)
  4. Whether its a file system change or any configuration change, synchronization of member nodes of a cluster is as easy as just clicking "Synchronize" button from the manage cluster panel.
  1. Simplified serviceabilty options like log management and one click support package creation for any issue with the ISIM VA.
  1. Unified approach for user to patch/upgrade all the underlying components via fixpacks.
  2. Create snapshots of the VA using the Snapshots feature, so that you dont miss out on any changes to the system, when your VA is in trouble...
Disaster Recovery:
  1. Easy to setup a backup node, which helps the administrator to recover from any primary node failures/disaster. 
    Lots more with ISIM VA ... Coming soon... December 5th 2014
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