Create a POC image using IEM 9.0 on Linux with Free DB2 10.1.2 Express-C Edition

IBM recently ported the Tivoli Endpoint Manager server from Windows to Linux. With the new release of TEM 9.0, server component of TEM can now be installed on RHEL 6.1 and above with IBM DB2 10.x as the backend database.

In order to explore the new features and capabilities of IBM Endpoint Manager 9.0,  lets quickly create a POC image. Before you start creating a POC image, its recommended to read these tutorials: How to create a YUM repository from an ISO image or mounted CD and Installing TEM 9.0 on Linux

You may download the TEM Linux Server installer from . This archive doesn't contain the installer for IBM DB2 10.x. For the purpose of demonstration ( exploring TEM features or creating a quick POC ) , you can download the  FREE version of DB2 from . Ensure that you download the Linux 64-bit version of IBM DB2 10.1.2 Express-C edition. DB2 Express-C is a full function DB2 data server available for download, and deployment at no charge.

Create a VM with RHEL6.1 (  RHEL 6.2 , RHEL 6.3 are also supported ) typical installation.
Ensure that a valid hostname and IP is assigned to the VM.
Now configure the YUM repository as mentioned here
Install the per-requisite packages for TEM:
#yum install audit-libs.i686 libselinux.i686 cracklib.i686 libaio compat-libstdc++-33 pam.i686 libstdc++.i686 cyrus-sasl-lib.i686
Note: Since TEM Server is 32-bit, ensure that 32-bit compatibility libraries are installed - without x86_64 in the file name.

Now extract the downloaded DB2 package, and run the db2prereqcheck utility. Check for failed errors and warnings.
 Before installing DB2 10.1.2 Express-C edition, install the required packages on RHEL6.1 :
#yum install ibsim ibutils libcxgb3 libibcm libibmad libibumad libipathverbs libmthca libnes rdma sg_persist sg3_utils
Note: Since DB2 is 64-bit, ensure that 64-bit libraries are installed - with x86_64 in the file name.
Shown below the list of dependencies:
Once the required packages are installed, you can proceed to installation of IBM DB2 10.1.2 Express-C edition. Run the db2setup script from the extracted location of DB2 package. Enter default values and proceed with the DB2 installation. Refer this ppt for detailed install steps:
Now install TEM 9.0 as per the steps mentioned here.
I've tried installing the Evaluation version of TEM 9.0 for Linux on RHEL 6.1 (Santiago) with Free version of IBM DB2 10.1.2 Express-C and it works perfecting fine. Good for creating Proof of Concepts and customer demos. This installation appears to work on CentOS 6.3 also, although it is not supported by IBM.