Steganography in depth

Steganography is the practice of hiding confidential or sensitive information within something that appears to be nothing out of the usual.Steganography is often confused with cryptography because the two are similar in the way that they both are used to protect important information.

If a someone views the object that the information is hidden inside of  , he or she will have no clue that there is any hidden information in it. As a result the person will not try to decrypt the information/object .That is the beauty of Steganography.
Steganography comes from the Greek words Steganós (Covered) and Graptos (Writing).

How Does It Work?

There are number of ways to hide information in pictures,audio and video using Steganography.Some the most common methods include are LSB and Injection.

LSB Method of bit substitution
Some files usually have some bytes which are of no use or least importance. These bytes of the file can be filled with information to be hidden. Replacing these bytes doesn't damage or corrupt the file but might reduce the quality of the file which is not visible to human eye. For example , its very difficult for a human eye to differentiate between two pixels with a slight change in color.

Consider the fact that 1 pixel  = 0.264583333 millimeter (1 mm divided in 5 equal parts then 1 part is approx. equal to 1 pixel)  Can our eye find out the difference at this scale ??? propbably no ... and impossible if its an image of a beautiful lady ...

In this method we calculate the color code of each pixel in the RGB format (0-255,0-255,0-255) or directly in binary form (00110011,10011011,10100011)

In the below image we have lot of pixels with color code :

RGB (255,207,206) .. this is the color of the pixels near her nose, eyes and lips.

Lets zoom the image to verify this :

In the above  picture multiple pixels in the red box are same having same RGB code.
Now if we try to replay all pixels with color code RBG (255,207,207) there won't be a difference in the picture as this difference is not visible to human eye. Tell me if you can figure color change in the  below color codes :

206 = 11001110        207 = 11001111

Its Impossible for your eyes to distinguish the above two colors as 2 different colors. That's the catch where Steganography comes into picture. Just replace the colors which means you have now added new data to the picture. For example 11001110 and 11001111  can be two different shades of red, but since it is only the last bit that differs between the two, it is impossible to see the color difference.

So if you want to hide the letter  " I " in this image , find out the binary value for I which is 01001001.As a result the last bit of first 8 pixels in the picture is replaced with the corresponding bit from the letter.Because we replace the last bit we call it Least Significant Bit Steganography.

The LSB method usually does not increase the file size, but depending on the size of the
information that is to be hidden inside the file, the file can become noticeably distorted.

Injection based Steganography

Injection is quite a simple method which simply involves directly injecting the secret information
into the carrier file.
The main problem with this method is that it can significantly increase the size of the carrier file.

Steganography In Images

When hiding information inside images the LSB (Least Significant Byte) method is usually used.
For the computer an image file is nothing but a file with different colors/shades and intensities of light on different parts/areas of an image.24 Bit BMP (Bitmap) image is the best type of image file to hide information inside it.The reason being it is the largest type of file and of the highest quality. When an image is of high quality and resolution , its much easier to hide and mask information inside it.

Although 24 Bit images are best for hiding information inside of due to their size some people
may choose to use 8 Bit BMP’s or possibly another image format such as GIF, the reason being
is that posting of large images on the internet may arouse suspicion.
It is important to remember that if you hide information inside of an image file and that file is
converted to another image format, it is most likely the hidden information inside will be lost.

Steganography In Audio

While hiding information in an Audio file , usually low bit encoding is used which is very much similar to LSB based steganography which is generally used in Images.However the problem with low bit encoding is that it is sometimes noticeable to the human ear, hence a risky method for someone to use if they are trying to hide their top secrets/information in an audio file. Spread Spectrum is another method used to conceal information inside of an audio file.This method works by adding random noises to the signal the information is conceal inside a carrier and spread across the frequency spectrum.

Echo data hiding is another method of hiding confidential data in an audio file.This method uses the echoes in sound files in order to try and hide information.By simply adding extra sound to an echo inside an audio file, information can be concealed.The thing that makes this method of concealing information inside of audio files better than other methods is that it can actually improve the sound of the audio inside an audio file.

Steganography In Video

Steganography in Videos is similar to that of Steganography in Images, apart from information is
hidden in each frame of video.

Different Algorithms used for Information Hiding :

 source : wikipedia


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