Offline? Don't Worry!!! Play this hidden GAME inside your Google Chrome browser

No Internet Connectivity !!! No problem, You can wait till the Internet connection is back and play the dinosaur game in your Chrome Browser.
There's a hidden game to be played in your Chrome Browser. Not many people know this until some figured it out and started sharing it on WhatsApp ...

Whenever you try to visit a URL, and if there is no Internet connectivity on your laptop or no data connection on your mobile, you will see a very boring screen like this:

But, why would Google create such a boring screen ??? What's the significance of that outdated pixalated dinosaur ??? For those who don't know, its a GAME to be played. How ???

Just touch that Dinosaur and see it jumping to start the GAME. Very much similar to Mario TV game, which I'm sure you've played as a teenager (if you're age is 20+ as of today ... hahaha... )

The game is pretty awesome and very innovative thinking by Google to place it at such a location....

Switch to Airplane mode on your Android and give it a shot to play the Dinosaur game. Thanks Codep8.


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