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Peer-to-Peer sharing software like uTorrent, LimeWire, SoulSeek requires the user to install the application on their computers. However with cloud computing it makes sense that you have your applications streamed rather than installing them. is an online P2P application that works just like any P2P client installed on a computer. It works in any modern browser which supports Java plug-in 1.5 or above. You can check if your Java Runtime Environment plugin is installed properly.

BitLet (online torrent software) is a simple BitTorrent applet for downloading any torrent file. It uses the BitTorrent protocol.
In order to start downloading using BitLet you need the direct link to the .torrent file found on torrent search engines like mininova. Supernova torrent search engine provides a direct "download by bitlet" link. Just copy paste the link on

online torrent
Once you click the "Download torrent" button, the browser will ask you for applet authorization. You can click "Yes" to load the torrent downloading virtual machine in the form of an applet.The download shall begin and the speed will depend on the number of seeders for that torrent.

online torrent virtual machine

Bitlet allows you to configure settings like incoming port and the maximum upload speed. Being a P2P applet, things that you have downloaded are downloading will be uploaded for others to download. Once you close the applet, no data will be downloaded or uploaded.There is an option to pause or resume downloads.

Bitlet claims that it doesn't save any reference to your hostname or IP address. However if you are concerned about the security , you may use BitLet with cookies disabled in your browser. You may read more about it here.


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