[ InfoGraphic ] Sixty Seconds Journey to Internet

Internet is growing faster than it grew a minute ago & yes Internet never sleeps, so if you have just sat idle gazing at the sky or thinking about something sexy or trying to make a decision on what is to be done all today , Internet creatures have already done and created a history that would take years if you had to read it all.

What happens on Internet every 60 seconds :

1 New Definition is added to Urban
1 New associatedcontent is published on Yahoo
40+ Yahoo Answers
50+ Wordpress Plugins downloaded
60+ New Blogs created
70+ Domains registered
100+ Questions answered (Answers.com)
100+ New Linked-in accounts created

320+ New Twitter accounts added
600+ Videos added to YouTube
1,600+ articles read on Scribd
1,700+ Firefox downloads
6,600+ New Flickr images added

12,000+ New Ads posted on Craiglist
13,000+ Hours of Music streaming on PANDORA
13,000+ iPhone Applications downloaded
20,000+ New posts on tumblr
98,000+ tweets
370,000+ minutes of voice calls on Skype
510,000+ comments on Facebook
694,000+ search queries on Google
695,000+ Facebook Status updates ( more than Google search queries ... )
168,000,000+ emails sent over the Internet

Above statistics are huge, wondering how all this data is being stored maintained and updated ???  Well its a world of Big Data.
All this has been happening since long time but analytics softwares create some useful information from the distributed and scattered pieces of information... just like the one in the above picture.Web analytics plays a vital role on how we understand the growth of Internet and its creatures.

Now imagine what all must have happened while you were reading this article ...