Cloud Computing - Its Bright and Sunny outside

If someone asks you , What is Cloud Computing ?  what would you answer ? . Funny part is even if you don't know about cloud computing you can just answer saying your CPU is in cloud and the monitor at your desk. Just kidding... its not that simple neither its complex to explain.

"Stop buying those boxes , cloud is not a box".

So what is cloud computing really about ? Why is there so much of noise about CLOUD ? Consider that you have purchased a new computer ($500) and you just boot it and wanna edit a word document on it.Well soon you realize that you don't have an office suite installed on your computer.So what do you do now ??? buy an official Microsoft Office suite for about $700 ??? naaaaa ... just too expensive.If you are a cunning person you would search the Google for "Open Office" which doesn't cost you and satisfies your needs of a office suite but not exactly what Microsoft Word and Excel would provide.So have you solved your problem ??? not exactly because soon you may need another software which may not be easily available. So lets put this option in "The Cloud". The reason for putting this solution in cloud is , we just don't want to spend money !!!

So how do we go about editing some documents which you have ? Well if you have a GMAIL account , you can edit these documents (excel , word  or ppt) on the web, free of cost...Thanks to Google Documents service.This model is nothing but SaaS - Software as a Service. The Office suite is installed at a central location at Google's Office and people can just leverage its functionality without having to install the application locally on your computer.Well, is this Cloud Computing ? the answer is YES.... So if you are using Google Docs , you are doing CLOUD Computing.

So now the cloud can save you a lot of money , time and reduce your headaches.There's still lot more to do with cloud computing other than office suite....

Bill Gates once said , "The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before..."

What else can we do with cloud computing ? File Storage , Online Backup , Photo Sharing , Music and Video Streaming , Running Business Applications and more ....
Whether you are a current user of “the cloud”, or you have decided of becoming a user, cloud computing is here to stay and change our lives... Try to observe your day to day tasks and use them in the cloud to make your life simpler , faster and smarter.

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