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Computer Provisioning - the heart of IT industry

Every IT industry would have computers and employees ranging from few hundreds to thousands or lakhs (IBM,Microsoft,TCS,Infosys). Most employees of the company work directly on computers through support / development / testing / re-search. Managing all these computers manually through sys-admins becomes time consuming and impossible to keep them consistent with the company's policies , standards and firewall rules. For example , Consider a group of employees are working on Software development project which needs Oracle as backend , another group working on testing a Banking software which might need SQL server , Visual Studio and other softwares. Its also possible that the team is spread across the globe. Another group of employees might be working on Sales of a particular company product/software , they would need another set of softwares ... Another situation is in BPO's where the computer needs to be formatted every 3 months ... its a tough call to manage all these thing