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BMXAA4214E Unknown error occured for QBR

Error when attempting to create new report from Go To => Administration => Reporting => Report Administration => Create Report button (extreme right button) Nothing happens when you click it ... OR A popup opens and when you choose any of the fields (as maxadmin user) it generates the error: "BMXAA4214E  Unknown error occur.  Please contact your system administrator for assistance" Solution: Backup the original Library.xml 1. Go To => System Configuration => Platform Configuration =>  Application Designer 2. In the dropdown box select 'Export System XML' 3. Select the LIBRARY from System Presentations ( it's the library.xml we need to keep as backup, just in case the provided fix doesn't work ) 4. On the right hand side you'll see an arrow, click on it to download  this file. A new window will open up. Wait for it to finish generating/opening and then from File->Save As, go ahead and save this file as  Backup