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The secret behind reaching your goals

In my hunt to ways of achieving goals, I read a lot of websites which talked about a common pattern of people who achieve their goals constantly ... and most important without real efforts. If you observe the habits of people who are consistently achieving their goals, you start to realize that it's not the end results that make them different. It's their commitment that help them reach their GOALS. They are passionate about their daily routine, not the individual event or work type or results of solving a problem. Below are some examples of who needs to do what to reach their goals: If you want to be a great blogger , then having an excellent popular blog is wonderful. But the only way to reach that result is to fall in love with the process of writing/expressing. If you want everyone to know about your business , then it would be great to be featured in news channels and newspapers. But the only way to reach that result is to fall in love with the process of mark

Tivoli Service Automation Manager 7243

TSAM is now available with some new features mentioned below: 1. Multi-customer user:  Users (in all Cloud Roles) with Cloud Customer Level Policy permissions will be able to register with multiple customers. The current limitation of single customer membership can be attributed to the desire to cater for Service Providers, but represents a major limitation for Enterprises implementing a Private Cloud. This feature meets the demand of several organizations wanting to implement Private Cloud. 2. Enhancement to the Out of Band Resource Allocation for System P:  Now has an additional resource check at the time of provisioning to  allow for selection of an alternate host platform. 3. VMWare Disk management independent of mount point:  Additional disk can now be managed independent of mount points and a new mandatory parameter disk name is used for the user to identify the disk. 4. IBM System Director VMControl TSAM Extension:  Now available as part of TSAM Core and

Analytics on habits of Smarter people

Its been a while since I posted something. Well work at workplace kept me super busy. One evening in the hunt of what's my IQ score, I started searching about how do you judge someones IQ and ended reading the below Info-graphic. It clearly shows the common pattern of good and bad habits shared by most of the smart people. "Those with high IQs tend to set goals and read avidly" , this is the most common habit you'll observe in some of the smart people around you. The habit of "setting goals & sharing with others" is really what I would like to copy from these smarties ...