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@WarrenBuffett Welcome to Twitter #Invester #Respect #WarrenBuffet

Warren Buffett - Respect !!! Won't say much about this legend, but just one fact and a pic should give enough motivation to read about him. Fact: Warren Buffett arrived on Twitter on Thursday 2nd May 2013, and this is what happens with his first tweet on Twitter. First tweet , 64000+ follower s, 31000+ retweets... Now lets see what happens with this second tweet on Twitter ... Second Tweet, 237312 Followers, 40 00+ retweets ...  Did you know Warren Buffett used to teach "Intelligent Investing" at the University of Omaha College of Adult Education. He buys companies that he understands ... are we expecting Twitter acquisition ??? Follow Warren Buffett on twitter @WarrenBuffett Read more at :  

How to increase password hashing security on linux

Cryptographic hashes are used for passwords on UNIX operating systems. These cryptographic algorithms need to be strong enough so that they are not compromised.  With the current rate of growth in computer's processing power, time to crack a password is reducing. Use of such algorithms may result in weak password hashes which are more vulnerable to compromise. Most Linux operating systems use MD5 algorithm for cryptographic hashing, which has been severely compromised. Obviously this does not mean MD5 is insecure for password hashing but in order to reduce the chances of  vulnerabilities a more secure and robust algorithm which has no known weaknesses ( like SHA-256  or SHA-512) is recommended.  So the question is, can we increase the security with the existing hashing algorithms like MD5 ? The answer is yes ... There is something known as "rounds" - a parameter associated with almost every password hashing algorithm. For example, rounds=85000 means, your comput

Update password hashing algorithm for Linux / Unix

" Warranty void if this seal is broken ", that's a common line on any newly purchased electronic device. So if you open the device, its detected. Similar concept applies to world of "Passwords" on a computer. The characters of the plain text password are mixed in using different algorithms to create a hash which is kind of a signature for a stream of data. Another way to explain this according to wikipedia is, " A hash function is an algorithm that transforms (hashes) an arbitrary set of data elements into a single fixed length value (the hash )" . So if the original password is "whoami8996" its hash value (using md5sum command on UNIX) is something like "5265638efece6f38bbdc858a5c396fb0", but if I change even one character from the password , its hash will change. These hashing algorithms are designed in such a way that no two different strings will have the same hash value. On Linux/UNIX operating systems you can look at a user&

Can you pass a Lie Detector test ?

The goal of a polygraph machine is to determine if someone's telling a lie; unfortunately, it's not that simple. Critics claim that polygraphs are unreliable and can be easily fooled – could you fool one? Please check out this infographic to learn more about polygraphs.

Create a Visual Resume from your LinkedIn profile

Creating a CV is always a long and time consuming task since you need to fill up lot of details in a professional language. Also many times you don't remember some of your project details. Creating a PDF file out of your scanned resume is fine, but a visual creative resume would be more effective and appealing. Everyone out there is talented in some field or the other, but only those with creativity will stand out. LinkedIn is the only professional social network where people update their professional bio which includes details like " Education, Skills, Achievements, Awards, Projects, Job positions, particular Expertise and most important Recommendations ..." Creating an e-resume is important enough just like a hard copy. There are multiple online sites which ask users to fill up forms, and finally create a PDF or an e-copy of your resume using a suitable template. That's good enough but not creative. Pictures convey more than words. So how about creating an i