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Download torrents online with BitLet

Peer-to-Peer sharing software like uTorrent, LimeWire, SoulSeek requires the user to install the application on their computers. However with cloud computing it makes sense that you have your applications streamed rather than installing them. is an online P2P application that works just like any P2P client installed on a computer. It works in any modern browser which supports Java plug-in 1.5 or above. You can check if your Java Runtime Environment plugin is installed properly.

BitLet (online torrent software) is a simple BitTorrent applet for downloading any torrent file. It uses the BitTorrent protocol.
In order to start downloading using BitLet you need the direct link to the .torrent file found on torrent search engines like mininova. Supernova torrent search engine provides a direct "download by bitlet" link. Just copy paste the link on

Once you click the "Download torrent" button, the browser will ask you for applet authorization. You c…

Online Plagiarism Check - Who is copying your data ?

Copyscape is on of the best online tool to find if someone is copying content from your site and re-publishing it without your permission or credit to you. Today with no control over who publishes what on the Internet , plagiarism is common. Very few site owners actually deliver original content resulting to increased organic searches and site ranking.
So what inspired me to write this article ? While looking for sites who are linking to my site, found a new link from The site owner copied an article from my site without permission. If you want to find out such sites , just copy and paste the URL on and it will quickly search for copies of your page on the web.

Found some sites that copied content from Free version will have limitations specific to the number of searches that can be done. But if you are serious about your site and its content , you should go for the premium version of Copyscape. Below are the search results for one my posts on …

404 page not found

Its very common to land on a web page that you were really searching for and be frustrated by reading the message : 404. That’s an error. The requested URL /pcclm was not found on this server. That’s all we know.  Nothing wrong in the above message, in fact this is much better than nothing being shown by the browser/website. So what is it and how to fix this mess ?

Think as a customer, if you were to reach a shop which was open yesterday, but is closed for no reason ... you'll obviously not like it. But if the shop owner displayed a note like : "Closed for today due to an emergency. For anything urgent contact me : [mobile number]" ... Impressive !!! This shows that the shop owner is really serious about his business and can't let a single customer go away. Same is the case with any website which is like an e-shop. Don't let your visitors bounce from your site, just because they couldn't find something that already existed. Because generic messages can be fru…

How do you save your job during hard times

You can get fired for doing your job well. Yes you read it correct, and its the current state of all jobs in the IT industry. So the question is how do I save my job ? What can I do to standout as compared to other peers ? I cam across this excellent video by Vivek Ranadivè, the CEO of TIBCO Software Inc. , who clearly guides us on surviving in a highly hyper competitive world today.

I completely agree on the punch line : "If you do everything that you are asked to do, and you do it really very well, you get a 'C' , but if you want to get a 'A' or 'A+' do things that nobody asked you to do..."