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BigFix architecture in 4 minutes

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager is industry's only "single server, single agent platform, single console" solution for heterogeneous endpoint management that addresses operations, security and compliance initiatives in real-time visibility and at global scale.

No matter how much ever I explain or write about IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager's (a.k.a BigFix) architecture, its best to understand the architecture and working via this 4 minute animated video.

Top competitive differentiators of TEM:One for all solution - One product to manage all endpoints (physical,virtual,client class,server class)
Technically speaking 1 console, 1 agent, 1 server: 250,000 endpoints, 90+ OS versions

Ease of use - Intuitive console, wizards for common tasks and a very simple scripting language.

Automatic product update - of features and content through the TEM content delivery cloud based service and exploits the subscription based model (Get what you subscribe for).

Pull model - Real-time endpoi…

IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation

IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation V8.2, is an add-on to other Tivoli Endpoint Manager solutions. This domain offers a range of server automation capabilities from provisioning VMware virtual machines to deploying middleware softwares like IBM DB2 , IBM Websphere Application Server and Microsoft SQL Server. Advanced server automation capabilities will help you lower your costs and improve efficiency.

IBM Endpoint Manger for Server Automation (IEMfSA) is uniquely positioned as an advanced server automation solution in the Tivoli portfolio that builds on lifecycle management capabilities to enhance IT automation and provide a bridge to cloud computing.

IEMfSA V8.2 features:
        1. Ability to manage physical and virtual endpoints in your data centers.
        2. Support for deploying and managing complex middleware softwares like IBM DB2, IBM WAS and Microsoft SQL Server.
        3. Delivers an easy way to build custom content with a powerful Relevance scripting language.

Top 6 factors driving IT costs up

In the current economic climate, many businesses are re-examining their expenses hoping to trim the fat. At the same time, there are multiple reasons which are pushing costs up.

Top 6 factors driving IT costs up are :

1. Compliance Requirements
This includes mandating organizational policies to safeguard the information/data within the organization. Confidentiality, integrity  are the top priorities for any organization. Tools and processes needed to maintain them increase the costs.

2. Distributed Networks
Most organizations face a challenge with a heterogeneous endpoint management , ie. managing different platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Macintosh... if they have mobile systems then it includes iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows mobiles. The environment gets more complex with highly distributed endpoints.

95% of the workforce is mobile. Connectivity is often inconsistent and unreliable. As a result distributing patches and updates is difficult if not impossible and req…