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But what is SOPA and PIPA all about ?

I keep on receiving a lot of mails related to latest news and updates. SOPA is one of the hot topics to read and listen about. My inbox is stuffed with lot of original and forwarded mails on SOPA. I kept deleting them every time until I made a decision to understand what SOPA is all about. I am person who loves infographics - kind of a all-in-one answer to all your queries. Browsing the Internet on a Sunday afternoon found this interesting inforgraphic by BusinessInsuranceQuotes.

Before you start reading about SOPA , here are a few questions you might have on your mind ...

1. Why should I read this article ?
2. What is SOPA ?
3. Who all are involved in SOPA ?
4. Concerns related to SOPA ?
5. What I can do to support or oppose SOPA ?

Well all your questions will be answered in this infographic ...
Before reading let me provide some context. SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act .The full title of the act is  " To promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation by combati…

Go Green with Minus One

Go Green is the buzz around after cloud computing, but the real concern is can each one of us contribute towards this initiative to save our planet .According to a survey, 5 million hectares of forests are cut down every year just to fulfill our everyday need for paper. A need we fulfill in a very careless, selfish and a wasteful manner.How many times have we thought if we really need the print out of a document ?

Why do we need a bill after we eat something at a hotel ? we can save paper by making use of a small digital screen on every table of the hotel, may be a black n white screen found in old digital diaries can also be used. This will save paper and ink. Another excellent idea from CHEIL India - MinusOneProject is also shown in the below.

Do your bit by reducing the font size by 1 before printing a document. Save paper. Help the forests. Reduce the font-size by one before printing and save our forests.

Finally something techie ,
More Forests = Print( doc(font-size--) ) ;

So how will…

Linux is a serious competitor

Excellent Linux video commercial which clearly shows how good things in the world are rejected , refused and laughed at... until it wins.Last statement of this video is really interesting and worth reading.

The whole idea is Microsoft always wanted to be in the driver's seat and creating its monopoly across the globe in the computer market. However we have some statements made by Bill Gates , Gartner Group and other competitors ,against the ability of Linux to excel in every field of computer.

Gartner clearly ignored the real power of Linux. "Linux is the HYPE DU JOUR." - Gartner Group [ 1999 ]         
Soon we have another criticism or rather a discouraging  statement ...

"We think of Linux as a competitor in the student and hobbyist market. But I really don't think in the commercial market we'll see it in any significant way." - Bill Gates [ 2001 ]
This seemed to be like the current marketing strategy - Make comments which will hide the real ability of a p…

Solaris Jumpstart on VMware and x86 machines

Lets play around the Solaris virtualization technology by Oracle (SUN) known as Jumpstart - a network installation tool-set used by Solaris for virtualising the SPARC/x86 hardware for Solaris operating systems. Ever imagined on how to take OS snapshots for Solaris considering the fact that its mostly deployed on SPARC architecture ? How to remotely deploy Solaris OS over the network ? How to backup all the operating system data from one Solaris machine and deploy it over another machine ? How can we have an automated mechanism to do all the above steps ? Well Jumpstart is the answer to your questions.

Did you know there's something known as Kickstart for Linux based operating systems only ... to be discussed in future articles.For now lets jump back to Jumpstart ...

Why Jumpstart ?

} Simplifies - the way Solaris installations are done on 'N' machines
} Speed - Faster than the traditional manual method of CD-ROM installation
} Adminless - Allows unattended installation