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[ InfoGraphic ] Sixty Seconds Journey to Internet

Internet is growing faster than it grew a minute ago & yes Internet never sleeps, so if you have just sat idle gazing at the sky or thinking about something sexy or trying to make a decision on what is to be done all today , Internet creatures have already done and created a history that would take years if you had to read it all. What happens on Internet every 60 seconds : 1 New Definition is added to Urban 1 New associatedcontent is published on Yahoo 40 + Yahoo Answers 50 + Wordpress Plugins downloaded 60 + New Blogs created 70 + Domains registered 100 + Questions answered ( 100 + New Linked-in accounts created 320 + New Twitter accounts added 600 + Videos added to YouTube 1,600 + articles read on Scribd 1,700 + Firefox downloads 6,600 + New Flickr images added 12,000 + New Ads posted on Craiglist 13,000 + Hours of Music streaming on PANDORA 13,000 + iPhone Applications downloaded 20,000 + New posts on tumblr 98,000 + tweets 370,000 + minutes of voice calls on Sky

Cloud Market Players with Vendor Classification

Peter Laird has done an excellent job of classifying the available Cloud solutions and vendors in one single view.The image shows only the major vendors depending upon the type of cloud offering.Classification is done on the basis of cloud models - SaaS (Software as a Service) , PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

Cloud Computing - A Definition by NIST

Lets try to understand what really cloud computing is all about , what are the aspects to be considered when discussing about CLOUD and what type of cloud solutions are available in the market. Well , cloud computing is not working on a laptop in a plane but its more than that.Its a model to optimize the hardware and software usage of every individual working on a computer. Cloud computing is a complete paradigm shift from locally self owned computers to centrally pooled processing power which can be rented on demand at any time for any time.Cloud Computing changes the way organizations views IT. With this new dedicated server technology, one can simply rent the computing power your organization requires, eliminating the need to predict and invest capital in the computing needs of the organization. Cloud is just another dimension to the world of Internet. Cloud computing is more of Internet computing or in other words, using Internet as a computing infrastructure and resource. In

Market Players for Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Solution providers in the market include IBM , Microsoft , Amazon , EMC2 , VMware , Yahoo , Oracle , SalesForce , Google Intel , HP , Dell , Apple and many more ...

Cloud Computing - Its Bright and Sunny outside

If someone asks you , What is Cloud Computing ?  what would you answer ? . Funny part is even if you don't know about cloud computing you can just answer saying your CPU is in cloud and the monitor at your desk. Just kidding... its not that simple neither its complex to explain. "Stop buying those boxes , cloud is not a box". So what is cloud computing really about ? Why is there so much of noise about CLOUD ? Consider that you have purchased a new computer ($500) and you just boot it and wanna edit a word document on it.Well soon you realize that you don't have an office suite installed on your computer.So what do you do now ??? buy an official Microsoft Office suite for about $700 ??? naaaaa ... just too expensive.If you are a cunning person you would search the Google for "Open Office" which doesn't cost you and satisfies your needs of a office suite but not exactly what Microsoft Word and Excel would provide.So have you solved your problem ??? not ex

Build a Green PC

Now build a totally quiet and energy efficient PC at home which uses typically 20-25 W of energy. Build it using an Intel Atom Board along with Intel Solid State Drive and using USB stick to install operating system on the solid state disk.Perfect video to start builing your own PC or a school science project for green computing.This PC can be assembled at home by just watching this video. My Idea is to enhance this project by connecting a Samsung LED based Pico Projector as the display/screen along with a laser projected keyboard by iTech. Samsung SP-H03 Pico Projector Some of its specifications include : 2.75 x 2.75 Inches 130g weight 30 Lumens Brightness 1000:1 Contrast Ratio 1W x 1 Speaker 16:9 Aspect Ratio Chargeable battery PC connectivity and Micro SD slot. iTech Laser Projected Virtual Keyboard Keyboard's Noticeable Features include : 63 Key / Full Qwerty keyboard projection 30 cm x 10 cm Keyboard Projection Size Detects 400 char