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Easily upload firmware package to ISIM, PIM and IGI Virtual Appliances

The IBM Security Identity Manager Virtual Appliance allows performing firmware upgrade via USB device only. Lot of organizations have a strict policies on using USB devices and requires multiple approvals before you use a physical USB device in your lab.

Firmware upgrades for IBM security appliances like ISIM (IBM Security Identity Manager), ISIG (IBM Security Identity Governance)  and PIM (Privileged Identity Manager) are of size 2GB+ and can take hours to deploy via USB in a virtual environment.

Starting firmware release ISIM (7.0.0-ISS-SIM-FP0002), PIM 2.0.2 and IGI 5.2 firmware upgrades (pkg) files can be uploaded using a standalone java tool: FileUpload.jar. The pkg file can be uploaded from any system to the appliance by providing the appliance admin credentials. (NOTE: This is not a scp command wrapped in the form of a tool, but it actually sends "multipart chunked data" to the appliance using the appliance's file upload REST API).

So finally, a USB devi…