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Understanding REST in a RESTful way

The Web is made up of many resources and a resource can be any item of interest, for example, an online book store may define book as a resource and clients may access that resource with this URL :

As a result of accessing the above URL is that the representation of the resource is returned (e.g., books.html) which results in a state change of the client. Now the end users browser is displaying more than just the home page of the online book store, a more informative and detailed state than the previous.
Thus, the client application transfers state with each resource representation. Isn't this same as browsing a website over the INTERNET ???
WWW is like a REST system and many of such services are being used in our day to day activities like purchasing something from, using Facebook, and even using GMail. So you are using REST, and you didn't even know it.

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. REST is not a standard but a…